Effective communication with clients, customers, vendors and supply chain is critical to the successful running of a business, none more so than when the communication is via production-ready drawings.

Drafting standards provide an efficient and repeatable way of presenting your designs to your collaborative team. By definition, a drafting standard is a collection of styles grouped together under one title. A style is a subset of a drafting standard and contains settings that control the behaviour and appearance of it’s associated annotation object. Text properties (such as colour and font) are controlled by a text style, dimension properties (such as arrowheads and leader lines) are controlled by a dimension style.

The drafting standard that you choose when you create a new drawing will govern the appearance, behaviour, and settings available to you throughout the drawing documentation process. For instance, if you create a new drawing and base it on the ANSI standard, all drawing views will be created in third-angle projection, with the style and appearance of annotation objects conforming to the ANSI drafting standard. Likewise, selecting DIN will produce drawing views in first-angle projection, with annotation objects conforming to the DIN standard.

In addition to ANSI and DIN, Autodesk Inventor also supports BSI, GB, ISO and JIS drafting standards. It is highly likely however that your company or clients have their own drafting standards and where this is the case, it is usual to clone an existing standard and then edit it’s styles to achieve the required appearance. Although this process is relatively straightforward, it can become quite intricate, tedious, and time consuming when a high level of customisation is required. It is not uncommon for this process to take a couple of days, a long time for you or a colleague to be tied up with non-productive work, especially in an industry where time is money.

If you have a requirement for creating a drafting standard but are concerned about the time it will take you to learn how to create and implement one then why not let RubiTech Design Services carry out the task for you. Simply e-mail or post an existing drawing and
I will be happy to supply you with a quick lead-time and a cost effective price for carrying out your drafting standard creation.

All drafting standards will be created in either an *.idw or a *.dwg format and will be delivered by email. To use the drawing file as a template simply copy it to your designated template location, the path of which can be found by selecting Tools > Application Options from the Ribbon panel and navigating to the Files tab.

To import existing title blocks and borders from existing Inventor drawings into your new template file please use the Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard.

As a compliment to the drafting standard service, I can also create your custom borders and title blocks.
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